Madness Is Just Another Word For It

Welcome To The Void

This is the personal homepage of veteran freelance web designer P H Claus. About me, myself and I so to speak. A humble website providing an awful lot of nonsense, gossip, technical mumbo jumbo and plenty more of this and that; or probably not. Still there? Tally-ho! You have been warned!

The primary sections cover web design, CSS examples, PHP scripts and similar geek stuff like browser safe colours, META tags or MIME types. If that's not quite your pick, how about system security, system maintenance, Grub2 ISO boot settings or similar voodoo, like some bashing shell scripts?

Still nothing? All right. I'll throw in a brief collection of digital replicas of historic documents, one or the other of travel reports plus my very own take on what some may call poetry. In other words, a little bit of everything and pretty much nothing at all. Serious frowning, major headaches, spilled coffee or worse guaranteed.

Ready? Prepare to dare!