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This is the personal homepage of veteran freelance web designer P H Claus. A tiny fraction of cyber space providing an awful lot of nonsense, gossip, technical mumbo jumbo and plenty more, like articles about web design, CSS examples, PHP scripts and similar geek stuff.

If that's not quite your pick, how about a brief collection of historic documents, travel reports, some wasted poetry or an earful of music? Quite obviously a little bit of everything and pretty much nothing at all. Serious frowning, major headaches, spilled coffee, or worse guaranteed. Ready? Prepare to dare!

Personal Gossip

Despite being born in central Germany about half an eternity ago, I never quite considered Germany my country, nor German my language. After living abroad for some 40 odd years I'm not so sure about home anyway. Sometimes I turn up the volume and give it a good old headbang or simply grab a cuppa and enjoy being alive.

There's zero social crap around here, simply because my own taste favours clean pages with real content rather copy-pasting braindead bollocks. If you find something interesting enough to share, go ahead; but you'll have to do the edit yourself.

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