About phclaus.com

Technical Mumbo Jumbo

This is an individual website operated by freelance web designer P H Claus. All sources comply with official standards setforth by W3. Supplemental CSS 3 and Java Script features are purely cosmetical and thus completely non-essential for the site's overall functioning.

While I don't have a handicap myself; or at least not at the time of this writing; I always try to make any of the sites I am responsible for to be as accessible as possible. As a result, this site is fully complies to the standards setforth by WCAG v2.0 AAA and Section 508.

Why am I paying so much attention to accessibility? Simply because I'm sick and tired of all those bloated; and almost entirely script-only; garbage cans out there. A website should focus on information and make the same available without either enhanced or non-standard prerequisites. Unfortunately, most present day experts, err, web designers, haven't got a clue about web design in the first place.

Summarising, the responsive web design of this site easily adapts to different screen sizes across most desktop and mobile devices. The primary aims are accessibility, speed, and ease of use. Please don't hesitate to request help if you encounter an error or difficulties with any part of this site, thank you.

Personal Gossip

I happen to have been born in central Germany; rougly about half an eternity ago. However, I've never quite considered Germany my country, nor German my language. After living abroad for some 40 odd years, I am currently considering to re-locate back to the UK; or wherever else the wind may blow my sail.

Every now and then I happen to open a company doing this or the other to keep myself entertained. My sparetime typically consists of either reading or writing. Sometimes I turn up the volume and give it a good old headbang or simply grab a cuppa and enjoy being alive.

Sounds like some dumb and lazy millionaires dream come true? Not quite. I'm pretty much always after a decent challenge; if only to remind myself I'm not dead yet. A shadow of many colours in black and white. Feel free to drop me a line if you think you know me from somewhere, nowhere; however remote and coincidental chances may be.

Social Crap And Whatnot

As you may have noticed, there is no fartcrook, spoogle, or any other so-called social crap around here. My own taste favours clean pages with real content rather then copy-pasting the same brain-dead bollocks all over again. If you find something interesting enough to share, go ahead; but you'll have to do the edit yourself.

Over the years I have come to cut back on my being involved in this or that. These days I tend to post the occasional comment on the BBC News, a response or two on Stack Overflow, or crunching some work units regarding the SETI at home project, reported on the Boinc Account Manager. And well, you can also join me on Forge of Empires

Kind regards,

P H Claus

Legal Statement

I guess I had to put that somewhere.