Fellow Aliens

The topic of extra terrestrial life forms, most commonly associated with the sightings of a so-called UFOs, is an interesting field of exploration and discussion; and, to the benefit of some selfproclaimed experts, a solid source of excellent income. To make it clear, I consider myself an interested amateur on the subject. In addition, I shall put forth the information, that I did have my very own personal experience; or, if you like, First Contact, when I was about five years old.

I recall two occasions of immediate physical presence. They both happened within half a year or so. However, I could not possible say, which of them was first and which was second. Nevertheless, one occurred the very same day Armstrong set foot on the moon; though I have doubts whether this was real or yet another fake sponsored by the CIA.

My grandfather had woken me to watch the big event on TV. After the glorious moment had passed, he sent me back to sleep. It was after some time when I sensed something else. I turned around to see, what it was. There was a figure standing at the end of my bed, looking at me silently. It was about 1,20 to 1,30 meters of height and appeared sort of gray. I was not exactly frightened, yet not completely at ease either. Hence, I went to tell my grandfather.

At first he was not exactly amused to find me standing in the door, but when I told him there was another kid in my room; refusing to leave without him; he and my grandmother left the TV to walk me back. I was waiting for them with my back toward my room. When they came out of the living room, I realised a change of expression on their faces. Only then did I turn to face the door to my room. There stood the same figure watching us.

Maybe it was because he had fought in the second world war or perhaps he was just quick to recover. However, the next thing I remember, is him pulling me back behind my grandmother, leaping towards the figure. I don't know, if he ever got close enough, but when he returned he sad little but that the figure was gone. That night we all spent in the living room with doors and windows shut tight.

The other occasion was when my grandmother had taken me along to visit her mother, my grand grandmother. They were in the room next door watching TV. I was supposed to sleep but something made me curious to look around. There were three figures of equal shape and size like the one mentioned before. I called my grandmother but when she came into the room the figures had gone. You know the effect from various movies. As soon as I was alone again, after a moment or so, the figures were back.

Before they had stood at the end of the bed, now they were at my left. There was no sound, nor any visible movement. We were just looking at each other until finally I fell asleep. The funny thing about it is that all memory of either event went astray for some 10 years before I began to remember.

Another 20 years passed until I came to think about it again. From the time they happened until today has been little over 40 years. Do not ask me why it has taken me half a life to write about it. Maybe it is the normal procedure or maybe for some other obscure reason. At times I tend to make a joke about it. Anyway, my path on this planet has been nothing spectacular at all. In fact, it has been more of a burden than a pleasure so far.

Needless to say, I have a strong interest in extra terrestrial intelligence, paranormal or similar phenomena outside the laws of known science. Of course, there are thousands of publications. Most of them try to convince the reader that he or she is now possesses the ultimate guide. Almost anybody can copy enough nonsense to fill any number of pages with gossip and manipulated citations to publish yet another encyclopedia.

The amount of relevant materials is significantly smaller. It is usually more difficult to obtain or available to professional researchers and scientists only. My recommendation is to read as much as possible though. You will soon enough learn how to distinguish the propaganda and separate honest and reputed data. Take it from there and use your own five senses to build the bridges. Let us now look at some of the most common criteria in conjunction with the matter. First, there are the unidentified objects; not necessarily unidentified flying objects. They are almost always of similar shape and size, performing similar actions and movements. This leaves us with just a few possibilities:

With a fair understanding of solid science, we learn very easily that most if not all effects are reproducible, and henceforth are not unique except for variations. This simple fact rules out option one. The next possible explanation would indicate that we are alone except for exactly one other extra terrestrial life form. A number of scientists have come to the conclusion that there are millions of planets with conditions allowing for intelligent life to form.

This proves once more that the universe is simply too vast for us to be alone and successfully eliminates option two. Options three and four seem to be the most promising approach. option three leaves ample room for speculation in any aspect, while option four prohibits any such and strictly implies a natural cause for which a plausible scientific explanation may be found in future years.

Both objects and crews have differences. One type reflects the common image of a small body between 1,30 to 1,50 meter with large heads and eyes. The second type illustrates a tall body of at least two meters with small heads and eyes. Both types share the same grey appearance. If we observe people with extraordinary talents, we often find them to have a somewhat larger head. This would implement that the tall ones with the smaller heads were either simply smart enough to snatch a few vessels and press the right buttons or, which is more likely, a larger head not necessarily makes for a genius. Else, they may be some sort of evolutionary relatives, either a few levels up or below.

For the colour we only need to look at the species in the deep sea or other isolated environments, like the polar regions. They all share a more or less compact body, pale skin, and large eyes. Any of which has a scientific explanation. A compact body can store vital energy reserves more efficiently. A lack of colours is the result of reduced photo synthesis or an adoption to the surrounding environment. Large eyes give maximum sight. There may be other reasons, nonetheless. Nature and science are full of examples that nothing is impossible. At this point, I would like to introduce a possible third type. The figures I had encountered were primarily of the first, the smaller type. However, heads and eyes were of human proportions.

Other famous aspects of the topic are those of medical experiments and physical sexual interaction. Smoking pot would probably be more fun. We assume to possess the required knowledge and technology to perform interstellar space-travel. Some of our journeys would take generations to move from A to B and then again, to return from B back to A. If we could do all this without difficulties, we would sure know how to analyse the structures and possible life forms of other planets from our remote location in space. There would be no need at all to take the risks of descending to the planet's surface, exposing ourselves to a dangerous and hostile environment.

I personally consider nine out of 10 such stories a fake. These are people, seeking publicity and easy riches. They will tell you anything you want to hear, even under hypnosis. One can easily think oneself into a different reality. Freud has made plenty of experiments to find an explanation; to some degree. The subject is commonly filed under schizophrenia. I agree there are always some cases which have to remain unsolved until science makes the next big leap and the case can be explained with all logic as natural phenomena.

Some even say, AIDS comes from outer-space! What about having a cold? Does it come from Alpha Centauri? (Smoking pot is definitely more fun!) I don't think so. Really, this is way out of reason and a perfect example for modern charlatans. The media is taking an active part in spreading such nonsense and the majority of people most happily accepts it, just because it was in the news.

They usually have no or limited access to qualified literature, like scientific journals, or cannot afford the extremely high-priced glossy magazines of any such experts. I would not buy them even if I had the money; not anymore. When I began exploring the topic, I bought almost everything only to find myself shaking my head over all the infantile stories. However, as said before, you need to read as much as possible to develop a sense for fact, fiction, fantasy.

There are various locations famous for frequent UFO sightings. If we observe their vicinities, we often find military testing grounds or scientific research compounds nearby. Actually, when I saw the first F 117 I was prompt to announce it non-human technology. Still, there are places without any such prominent neighbourhood. Any sightings here may actually indicate something else.

These places are typically within or close to a desert, there are mountains around, or it is a maritime location. Deserts, mountains and parts of the world's oceans are a known cause of strange effects. Most of them have a scientific explanation, others must remain subject to future investigation. If any of these places would actually serve as a so-called UFO base, why do we not have any records or proving data? These places are public ground. Everybody can go and visit them.

A light in the sky, even if it appears to make presumably intelligent movements at incredible speeds is no valid argument. The atmosphere is an excellent mirror. If you watch the sky over Norway, given the right conditions, you can see reflections of things happening in South Africa or elsewhere on the other side of the globe. The amazing speeds and movements can all find possible explanations related to the planet's rotation, clouds, or, not to forget: pollution.

I remember the moon coming up over a hill moving so fast, it went out of my viewing point before long. Sure enough no UFO at all. Add some distance, the position of the sun and the planet's rotation, and you can easily imagine many things. Of course, this simple science is not satisfactory to explain rapid or irregular movements, especially if they occur in repetitive succession. In the meantime we may refer to them as unidentified objects, not necessarily the cause of extra terrestrial life forms.

Had you been watching Star Trek Classics, you may remember the magic word SOL, which translated into Speed of Light. Later series dropped SOL in favour of WARP, which was tested not so long ago and apparently works; to some extent. However, it is a long way out of the laboratory into practical use in an interstellar space craft. Even if we would know how to use worm holes, WARP or any other mechanism, the long-term effects on material and crew have yet to remain a question mark. Filling the hull with artificial gravity is just not good enough. The interior pressure must match the exterior at any given time and under any given circumstances similar to submarines or diving bells.

On average, every 1,000 sightings leave some 20 cases, which have yet to remain unidentified. If we wait long enough, lets say 30 years, and then re-research them again, we probably end with two or three cases still unidentified. Such is typical for the public records of the past 50 years. Of course, for the time being, we have to rely on fragments of those records because large parts are effectively blackened before being released into the public. It is those secret passages that fuel the fire. As of today, there is no easy way to make them readable again without destroying most of the document; but this may change in the future.

While unlikely to happen any time soon, unrestricted insight into the complete records may reveal some interesting data indeed. In terms of national or global security these records may well prove a key element in the lack of defence. This is nothing new. Pearl Harbour had all the necessary intelligence. Unfortunately, some countries are operated by Secret Service ego maniacs rather than foreseeing authorities.

We really don't need an attack form Sigma B to prove this planet has more idiots in responsible positions than flees on a dog's tail. Public knowledge is the best security a society can have. The more you hide, the less people will trust you; and people not trusting their governments get out of control easily. Moreover, in times of greatest danger they have a tendency to open the doors to the enemy rather than friend.

If we look at the technological and scientific inventions and improvements over the past 100 years and if we could overcome the acute social, racial and political problems, we might be in a position to anticipate in the space race in another 100 years from now. I have no idea how long it might have taken any possible extra terrestrial life forms to jump into hyper-space but I'd say, 200 years from Ironclad to space-travel are not bad, not bad at all. However, I doubt whether our civilisation is ready to take the next step. A poor vagabond winning the lottery gains little but loses much more. Others are taking advantage of his lack of understanding.

Even the most primitive aliens watching us must surely wonder how we can have all that crap on TV and radio channels and still think ourselves smart enough to compete. We, the human race, have a tradition of coming to false conclusions. Hegel learnt this a long time ago when he said: History teaches, man learns nothing from history. Setting our feet on the moon, even Mars, is like spitting against the wind compared to taking a quick weekend vacation a few light years away. In addition, and according to Einstein, we would have disintegrated long before. Unless we solve the riddle of such immense speeds, our trip would be little more but a hop from London to Edinburgh.

Most present theories make little sense. They are either mere fantasy or refer to techniques not (yet) fully understood. If you don't know how an elevator works, don't use it. Speaking of elevators, there exists a project Space Lift, which attaches the load to an energy beam and then transports it from A to B. It appears to actually work, at least in a test environment. However, the energy consumed is beyond all reasonable arguments. Another theory uses so-called worm-holes to jump from any given point in space to any other almost instantly without the need for speed of light.

So far, this seems to be the most promising approach. Of course, you would need to find and register every worm-hole first, and then try and error every possible combination to know which entry leads to which exit; unless you favour the idea of being lost in a maze of infinite directions. The technique of worm-holes also implies Quantum Mechanics, which have become quite popular in recent years, special thanks to the British genius of Stephen Hawking. If you haven't yet, you really must get a copy of his best seller A Brief History of Time.

The greatest problem with the speed of light model is, that according to Einstein you cannot really use it. In simple words he came to the conclusion that anything travelling at the speed of light would completely disintegrate. This, of course, is not what you want if your primary intention was to change your location, rather than physical structure. In addition, you would need smaller crafts to transport equipment and personal to the planet's surface; unless you knew the secret how to beam. Last not least, you had to consider communications. The local system may work just fine, but what, if you wanted to report to head-quarters a few light years away?

One solution could be to drop a zillion relay stations, but how are you going to maintain; or defend; them? Another possibility could be; if you had plenty of spare ships; to anchor them in strategic positions. And what if they ran into some sort of trouble themselves? Well, maybe you are already on level 99 and have no trouble to transfer messages across various light years in real-time. Some extra troubles are never far, if only to keep you entertained. Any extra terrestrial life form capable of doing all this will probably find the current situation on planet Earth little more but a joke. Think yourself into their minds. Would you want go there if you had seen better shows?

Planet Earth is a very small part in a very large universe, which is full of mysteries. Thus, it is only logical that our world shares some of them. Even without extra terrestrial life forms somewhere out there we have plenty to explore and understand right in front of us. We probably know more about the components of a star a million light years away than about some things on our own planet. Large parts of the surface remain yet unexplored, not to mention the deep seas.

All our technology and manpowers combined cannot go there to see what it is and how it works. Any extra terrestrial life form must find the inhabitants of this planet somewhere below the level of intelligent life. The point here is to manifest the importance of approaching the topic with solid scepticism. If you just believe, you might as well go back to the medieval's when it was certain that the earth was flat and the centre of the universe. Oops.

Dinosaurs have lived on this planet for millions and millions of years before vanishing for one reason or another. The first life forms were of microscopic size before they began to grow. After the dinosaurs were gone, evolution dealt a new set of cards, starting the game all over. Most new species were small before beginning to grow again. The first humanoids are said to have had a height of about 60 centimetres. Look at a modern human and you can verify the process yourself. If we think ourselves 500 or 600 million years from now, we would be surprised how small our tallest buildings had been.

Of course, in terms of interstellar space travel we would have great difficulties assembling a vessel to match our size. For this a smaller size would be a significant advantage. A smaller vessel could still carry a larger crew or more equipment and colonists. Any species with a heritage of half an eternity would likely agree. Unfortunately, we do not yet fit into that category.

In fact, for obvious reasons, like shortage of resources, we are closer to self distinction, than any kind of interstellar expansion. Those jetting around in their fancy little UFOs would be a lot better off to ignore this little experiment we call the human race. However, if ever they care to stop by I wouldn't mind a ride; if only to prove they really exist. For some reason governments and many citizens of this planet prefer to have a different opinion. It may be ignorance or fear, I don't know. The contents of this publication reflect my very own point of view. I require absolutely nobody to share the same. The topic of extra terrestrial life forms and UFOs in general has a multitude of additional aspects.

It was not my intention to publish some sort of universal almanac covering even the most minute features. The reason for this brief article is one of mere personal nature. Something I had wanted to do a long time ago. I am open to different interpretations and most happy to exchange related information, which may help in gaining greater insight and understanding. With regards to all fellow aliens.

P H Claus - Member of the Human Race