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2017-05-21 09:10:21 :: CLEAN-UP

Some cleaning up. Merged most sections into single pages to reduce maintenance overhead. Most demos and comments removed. Fixed TTS due to API changes. Updates on GitHub. News archives reduced to current year only.

2017-05-11 22:09:16 :: DNS FIXED (???) PLUS SITE OPTIMISATION

The previous DNS issues appear to be fixed. As of late this evening no more errors. Fingers crossed. Speed index back to 100/99. Screw CDN. Plenty of internal site optimisation, condensing this and the other section into single page features. Not that it would make much of an impact. Still a thousand some objects floating around in local orbit.

2017-05-04 08:31:00 :: CLOUDFLARE EXPERIMENT

DNS appears to have settled but https issue still persists though. So far this Cloudflare experiment results in the site's ratings being considerably poorer rather then better. Will give it a week before reverting to original DNS. No point using a CDN if it's faster without.

2017-05-03 09:39:56 :: NEWS BLOG 20170503

Fresh update available for the free PHP News Blog script

2017-05-03 07:59:50 :: SICK OF IT

This host is one big pile of rubbish! FTP issues again, http unreachable on first hit, https loading totally different domain while keeping address, etc. Actually this is the third attempt to post thanks to a 500. Totally borked on shared IP. Wondering what might happen switching DNS to Cloudflare. Perhaps better to take the site down and retire. Never ever consider using ehost or anything else EID to host your sites. Total waste of time and money. If you happen to be staff reading this: I'm sick of it!


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