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2017-04-20 18:58:49 :: EASY COMMENTS 20170422
One more update for the free PHP Easy Comments script. This adds a little extra to let moderators approve and publish pending posts directly from the notification mail. Restricted names have been exported from the main script and are now stored in restricted.php
2017-04-17 10:17:59 :: EASY TTS 20170417
An update is available for the free PHP Easy TTS text to speech script
2017-04-16 07:44:10 :: EASY COMMENTS 20170415
Latest update of the free PHP Easy Comments script. This adds a timer delay between posts to reduce flooding and a moderator flag for manual approval.
2017-04-02 16:29:30 :: REGISTER AND NOTIFY
New free PHP script Register And Notify added. Some cleaning up of dummy comments and minor cosmetical surgery to a few pages.

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